The Home Remodeling Battle of the Sexes

By Women Designing Kitchens at Royal Kitchen Designs

For generations design and construction was considered a “man’s job.” But not anymore. Some of the most successful people in the business today are women. Just turn on any home remodeling show on TV and see for yourself. It’s quite obvious that women are the rising stars of the home remodeling industry.

That should really come as no surprise. In most cases, it is the woman of the house who initiates the home renovation project. And, let’s face it, women relate better to other women. (Let us not forget that best-selling book, “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus.”)

Home remodeling can be quite overwhelming, particularly when plumbing and electrical work is involved. Many women become uncomfortable when they are out of their element. Others feel intimidated by male contractors. Working with a female can be quite refreshing. A female contractor is often more patient and willing to take the time to explain the process in a clear, concise manner without all sorts of industry jargon.

Aside from the comfort level, women designers and contractors often have a better understanding of the homeowners’ needs. After all, they are wives and mothers too. They come home from the jobsite to face the same responsibilities as the clients they serve.
They cook for their families and clean-up after the mess.

A female designer or contractor is conscious of the multi-purpose function of today’s kitchen. She can help design a space that provides ample space for food preparation, abundant storage, as well as serving as mission control.

Today’s kitchen must contain some office element. Ideally the remodel will incorporate a message center to post notes, school calendars and activity schedules. A modern kitchen may also serve as a place for children to sit and do homework while mom makes dinner.

Making life easier for the homeowner is a top priority. A good designer will consider maintenance and upkeep in recommending products. Sticky little fingers leave marks all over stainless steel appliances. Avid bakers and gourmet chefs may need the benefits of a butcher block or granite countertop, while a heat-and-eat family may be just fine with a laminate top.

Ease in entertaining is another element to consider. A female designer or contractor often has a greater understanding for the needs of a hostess. Chances are they have hosted their own holiday dinner at some point. They can create an open, inviting space where guests can gather and not be in the way of the cook.

Regardless of whether you choose to hire a female or male designer or contractor, it is most important to find someone who understands your needs and will create the kitchen of your dreams.

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