Recession Impacts Renovations

By Women Designing Kitchens at Royal Kitchen Designs

Job losses, high credit card rates, home foreclosures. The recession is taking its toll on all of us, including home remodelers. Now, more than ever, it is important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

In this economy, there is a tendency to cut prices to try to increase business. Many home improvement companies have tried this tactic and as a result they are slowly going out of business because they are unable to maintain their profit margins. Others are being forced to reduce overhead by closing showrooms and cutting back on work crews.

With over 75 years of experience, we have seen firsthand how low pricing takes it toll. The homeowner may think they are getting an incredible deal, when all they really are getting is trouble. The job may never be started, the job may never be finished, or the job may constantly be interrupted because the remodeler has taken on too much for too little. If you are getting quotes for an upcoming project, beware of the very low ones – they may cost you much more in the end.

The answer is to find a remodeling company that gives value without cutting pricing. In our case, we have always and continue to offer our clients the best value for their money. We have no fancy showroom. Rather, we prefer to take people into the homes of our clients to show them firsthand our design capabilities and excellent craftsmanship. We keep our overhead down by using our home office as our studio.

You also want to find a company that listens to you and your needs. Many remodelers try to impress people by offering all the latest and greatest gadgets and products. Sadly, many customers end up spending much more than they had ever intended. We begin each project with a detailed in-home interview. We never use cookie cutter plans, each design is created for each individual homeowner incorporating only the appliances and products they need.

The perfect example is a recent project we completed in Wellington. The homeowners wanted a kitchen remodel, but we immediately recognized the need to unify the space by including their desk and breakfast area. This provided more storage and functionality — exactly what the client needed to make their life more pleasant. Most pleasing to the client was the fact that we were able to complete the entire project for the same price that other designers had quoted for the kitchen only.

Not only that, because we have been in business as long as we have and have such wonderful working relationships with our crews, we were able to give the client the angled wall oven they really wanted; something no one else could do. Where many companies tend to stick to the original floor plan and simply update the space, we design your dream kitchen. For this particular homeowner, that meant moving the electrical, plumbing and water lines; not an easy task for the inexperienced, which is why most companies say it can’t be done.

The bottom line, in regards to your bottom line, is to make sure you hire a home remodeling company that has a reputation you can count on. This is not the time to try to save money by hiring the cheapest contractor. Remember the old saying: “You get what you paid for.”

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