Granite Stimulus Package

Granite Stimulus Package Keeps Renovation Costs in Check

By Women Designing Kitchens at Royal Kitchen Designs

There’s an old saying: You get what you paid for. Unfortunately, in home remodeling that is not always the case – until now. Royal Kitchen Designs is changing the way this industry does business. The consumer will no longer be taken “for granite”!

Almost every remodeling project we complete includes granite countertops. It’s a simple way to make a huge statement. From complete custom kitchen renovations to simply refacing an existing space, granite is the product of choice for today’s homeowners.

Unfortunately, granite can be very expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Royal Kitchen Designs is changing the way consumers buy granite. We’re calling this our Granite Stimulus Package.

Granite is sold by the square foot, but it comes as giant slabs. Often times the dimensions of the slab are larger than the actual amount needed for the countertop project. In the past, the leftover granite was kept by the vendor who would sell the remnants for smaller jobs. In essence, the vendor was benefitting from the client’s waste.

That system always seemed unfair to us. The consumer paid a premium price for a slab of granite, but only used a portion of it. So, we decided to change the system. If you purchase granite from us then you get its full value. By buying the full slab you get the granite at a much better price. Plus, you own all of it. You can use the remnants for smaller projects, like updating a powder room with a new granite countertop.

And, if you’re not ready to take on another project, we’ll have the remnants delivered to your home or storage facility. When you’re ready to start your next remodeling project, the granite will already be there. You’ll just pay a nominal fee for fabrication and installation.

This is just another example of how Royal Kitchen Designs is working to save our clients money. We keep our overhead down by using our clients’ homes as showrooms, maintaining excellent relationships with our vendors, and using our own work crews instead of costly, and often times unreliable, subcontractors.

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