Doing Away With Dining Rooms

By Women Designing Kitchens at Royal Kitchen Designs

When is the last time you used your dining room? If you are like most modern families, you use this room only once or twice a year. The truth is, dining rooms are becoming dinosaurs.

Don’t let this underutilized space go to waste…incorporate it into your kitchen. That is a concept most homeowners have never considered. Yet, doing away with dining rooms is becoming increasingly more popular. In fact, this trend was featured in a recent issue of Professional Remodeler, a trade magazine.

It may be a new trend, but it is something we have been doing for years. We begin each new project with an extensive in-home consultation. This enables us to get a true picture of the homeowner’s likes and dislikes, and what they are trying to accomplish with the renovation. More often than not, we have discovered that what the homeowner wants is more space in and around the kitchen. Doing away with the dining room opens up space for the island they have always dreamed of, or perhaps a beautiful bar area. The choices are endless.

One of our recent success stories was just such a case. The Coral Springs couple loved to cook and entertain, but their galley-style kitchen was not conducive to this lifestyle. During our discussion with the couple we learned that she wanted (or needed) more counter space, prep room and better ventilation for all her cooking and baking, while he wanted a bar area complete with wine cooler, wet bar and seating where he could entertain. Our solution was simple, tear down the walls and open up the area.

By doing away with the dining room, which had been totally useless to the couple except as an unorganized storage area, they gained almost 100 square-feet of totally usable space. Not only did we open up the kitchen to the family room, with an amazing view of the pool, but we created a nice size pantry, added a huge island, built a bar area, and gave the family a granite table large enough to seat their frequent dinner guests. The family’s dream kitchen became their dream home.

Of course, not every contractor or home remodeler is able to think outside of the box like this. That is why it is important you know who you are hiring. In next month’s issue we will give you tips on what to ask when hiring a home remodeler.

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